Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tick, Tock! Time For Another Makeover! This Time A Clock!

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This little project I'm going to feature today is actually from a couple of years ago.  

I was bored one day and needed a project to do.  (Like Snoopy and his "It was a dark and stormy night" preface, you will see "I was bored one day" is a common refrain of yours truly.)   My eye wandered over to a wall in my house where there hung a sorely outdated Circa 1992 wall clock.  I remember when I bought that clock.  I purchased it from Spiegel Catalogue.  Are they even still in business?  Hhmm, I'm not sure.  I'll have to Google that later and find out.  

So, here she is in all her outdated glory.  Please excuse the poor picture.  The lighting is bad in our house and quite frankly so is my camera taking skills.  Plus, at the time I was just snapping the pic to show my Hardscrabble Home gang.
Don't you LOVE the hearts and vinesOh, and the Hunter Green.  Don't judge me too harshly.  Who didn't decorate with Hunter Green back then, right?  Hey, it could be worse.  At least you aren't looking at a ceramic white goose wearing a blue scarf in this picture!  You have to admit I had progressed a little bit in my decorating skills from the goose era.

Ok, so back to this project.  I scraped off the hearts and vines with a razor blade.  Then I removed the glass inserts and the clock face.  I reached into my paint stash and painted her black.  Then I sanded her edges and applied a gel stain over the whole shebang.  

The clock face needed a makeover, too.  That was no problem.  I created a new one on my computer using Microsoft Picture It!  Please don't laugh.  I'm sure there are better and newer programs out there I could use, but I am all for going "old school" on things as my husband likes to say.  I like Picture It! and why change what works.  

I found a roman numeral clock face I liked and added the initial D, for our family name.  I used the font Castellar for the D.  It has an old look to it, which I love.
I printed the clock face onto heavy Kraft Brown card stock.  I had that paper left over from my pillow business days when I would make my own tags, business cards and advertising stuff.  My philosophy is why buy when you can make it yourself!  That should be your philosophy, too!  As this blog shows you, it's really not that hard to do. 

After printing the new clock face, I cut it down to size and just put her right over the board the old clock face had been on.  

I then put the clock back together, stood back and marveled at the beauty which was now this clock.  The picture below was taken sans glass because I kept seeing my reflection in the glass each time I snapped away.  I really, really, really need to replace my broken camera.  My pictures won't win any awards, that's for certain.

I love this clock and it holds some very special momentos.  My daddy's name plate from his desk and the Bible he would carry when he visited his parishioners either at home or in a hospital.  Today marks one year since our Dad's been gone and not a day passes that we don't miss him terribly. 

Here is our handsome Dad reading The Night Before Christmas to us girls.  From left to right, Lee Ann, Rebecca, Dad, and me, Stephanie.  This was before my little brother Michael was born or he'd be in the picture, too.   This was an annual Christmas Eve tradition.  We would attend Church services first with Dad at the pulpit.  Sweet memories.

(Thank you for indulging me as I wandered down Memory Lane for a moment.)

One more time with the before and after shots.

There you have it!  A simple and easy clock transformation.  Do you want to know what it cost?  It cost NADA.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  It just cost me a little bit of time and energy.  

What's so great about most of these projects is that you can remake it again and again.  I'm sure like the goose decor and the Hunter Green/Hearts era, that sometime the road I will be sick of this look and a change will be in order.  My husband hopes it'll be at least a decade away and I am pretty sure it will be.

Now that you've seen my attempt at turning back the clock on time, go clean your own clock and make it over.  Then come back here and let us know how you did.  

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  1. Great job on the clock. I love to do makeovers and old momentous are precious. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan! I just checked out your blog. LOVE the pig makeover! He's a cutie. :-)

  2. Gorgeous, and what a wonderful memory to associate with the clock ! ♥ the picture as well and your dad was indeed handsome Ü Great makeover!

    1. Thanks so much Diane! I really appreciate it. :-)

  3. I'm visiting from Better After. Great redo! Now your clock is not only much prettier but also a great memory holder too!

    I too redid a clock. One of those scrolly designs in all it's plastic, gold painted glory. That was the before.Hee hee! I simply sprayed it black and actually made my own numbers, sized correctly on the computer, then glued them onto some stationery that looks like corregated cardboard! What a difference. It looks very French now :-)

    1. Thanks so much! Its the perfect space now to hold those things I hold dear to me.

      I'd LOVE to see your clock you redid. :-)


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