Monday, October 29, 2012

High Chair Re-Do

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I am always looking for a project to do or re-do.  ALWAYS.  Remember the pickle jar lamp?  Or the apron from a pair of blue jeans?  

Well, today it's a high chair.  

This high chair belonged to my youngest son.  Here he is in it at his first birthday sticking his finger in his Winnie The Pooh cake I made for him.  (Note: I was smart and took his shirt off.  Frosting, you know?)
I love that high chair.  It is sturdy and easy to operate.  One handed even!  I haven't found a single one today that compares to it.  Now, my little baby up there in that photo is now 11.  However, I frequently have visitors with little kids so I kept the chair and it does get used.  This is what the chair looked like originally

When it was newer I was able to buy replacement chair pads from Graco for $17.  Not so anymore.  Graco doesn't offer them for this model because they WANT YOU TO SPEND $100+ FOR THE LATEST MODEL.  Not gonna happen.  The last few years I've had to make my own chair pad.  I head to Hobby Lobby and purchase the black and white checker board vinyl fabric.  I love the designIt costs about $5 a yard.  They do have other choices of vinyl fabric but we are partial to checkered flags.  The first year I made one I purchased foam for the cushion.  I reuse the same foam over and over.  
I made a pattern by tracing the old one onto brown kraft paper and every year or so, I'll make a new seat cover.
After tracing, and cutting, I sew.  
Then stuff with the foam and a little added polyfill.  Stitch it closed.  In the case of my chair, the seat flaps slip over tabs in the back and underside of the chair, so I cut slits into them to keep them in place.

Normally, this would be it.  I would call it complete.  A black and white checker board cover on the original white high chair.  

Not this time.

This time, I took it a step further and gave the entire chair a makeover by using Rust-Oleum's Paint Plus 2X Ultra Cover spray paint in black semi-gloss.  It bonds to plastic.  I love the stuff.  Before I began I called the company and not just one, but two employees assured me that once the chair cures for 7-10 days, it will be perfectly safe to serve food off of the tray.  If you do this to a high chair, call the company of whatever paint you choose to use.  It might vary depending on the paint brand/company.

Here's the tray before it was painted...
...and here is the complete chair all finished.
Isn't it cool?  It looks better than brand new.  I'm so glad I took the extra steps and went with the black spray paint.  I used just a little over two cans of paint on this.  

My kitchen cabinets I had painted black a few years ago so it really compliments the kitchen now.  This re-do makes me want to go house to house making over people's high chairs.  
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  1. That's quite a transformation! It was smart to call the paint manufacturer-nice tip.

  2. I bet if the racing fans I know had seen this when their sons were little, it would have been copied!! I will have to remember that paint tip too. I've had people ask if something I've made was food safe. If you cover it Polyurethane, it is too.

  3. This would be great done in aqua paint with a dash of chevron fabric. love it!


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