Friday, October 26, 2012

Going Batty

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Halloween is fast approaching and until yesterday our poor little Hardscrabble Home was sorely lacking in outside decor.  I had one Halloween sign on the front porch and that was pretty much it.  Unless, you count the numerous cobwebs out there.  Real ones, too, thank you very much!  We are authentic if nothing else. 

Well, yesterday I found myself looking for inspiration on the world wide web.  (Does anyone call it that anymore?) That's when I stumbled onto the bats on the front porch crazeMartha Stewart has her bats hanging on the porch.  

It looked simple enough to do.  So, my friend and I headed to the closest store for the supplies to get busy.  In our case the closest store on our side of town is Walgreens.  Luckily, they had everything we needed to start our project.  Plus, we ran into a few other friends while there, which was a bonus.  Except, they were there for the drugs and not the art supplies.  You gotta love cold and flu season. 

We bought four sheets of black poster board and a package of two sided tape squares.  We had already printed off the pattern from Martha's website before we left home.  Here's where you go for Martha's Bat Pattern. Once we returned we started tracing the bats onto the paper.  We did two sizes.  At this point, my friend deserted me and went home.  I continued for a little while longer.  Just a little though because dinner had to be cooked and Grey's Anatomy was coming on at 8pm.

I finished tracing and cutting out the little creatures this morning.  Ignore the large one on the wall that is taped in the center.  I'm not sure what happened to him.  I'm sure my mail lady won't mind that he is pieced back together.  She is the only one who ever uses the front porch. 
Halloween At The Hardscrabble Home
Halloween At The Hardscrabble Home
Pretty neat looking, huh?  You should totally do this to your front porch, too Pin It


  1. Stephanie,

    It looks so cute! Not too scary (which is my favorite kind of Halloween decorating)!


    1. Thanks Karianne! :-) They were fun to do, and I think I might be able to use 'em again next year.


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