Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Until Then - Try This! Personalized Typography Wall Art

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Hello all!  We have so many irons in the fire around here.  Projects just waiting for it to be "their time" and become our focusThey are going to have to wait.  We just finished a big project at The Hardscrabble Home.  Well, part of a project, there is still a bit more to do, but we are tired.  To that end, my guy and I are committed to being slackers this week and we are going to take it all the way through the weekend(Or so we say now, the two of us seldom sit still for long.

This means:
  1. Old wooden headboard/footboard I took with permission from my neighbor's garbage, you will have to wait to be turned into that double rocking chair for the front porch.
  2. You three 20+ year old ladder back stools we are going to turn into one long bench, you will have to cool your rungs awhile longer.  Your day will come.
  3. Wall lights that were originally dark that I bought and spray painted silver three years ago but now want dark again.  Well, you are going to have to hang there looking all shiny for a tad more time.  
  4. Wicker chairs that were once white, then red and now are black, well, you can breathe easy because your time on the porch has been extended.  (See #1 for the reason why you've earned a reprieve.)
  5. Grandma Lucy's buffet and hutch.  Hutch, you sit quietly behind and across the room from me right now.  Patiently waiting, waiting for your makeover to be finished.  I have your sides, back and the top half of your front completed.  Your doors though are not.  You are doing your job, holding my best dishes, and wondering where your counterpart - the buffet is right this minute.   Well, rest assured that Phoebe the Buffet is safe, sound and still on the premises.  She is just taking longer to finish than I anticipated.  It takes a lot of elbow grease to remove the circa 1970's furniture revamp that my grandma did on you both.  Phoebe will be back soon and the two of you together will grace the dining area with your pal, the table once again.  Actually, looking over my shoulder I see that the only thing I have left to do to you Hutch is one more coat of paint and a layer of stain to your doors.  So, I promise that you will be finished by Easter.  Phoebe won't be though unless it warms up and starts feeling like Spring.
  6. Super fantastic idea that I imagined this morning in my head, have no idea yet, but I'm coming to get you...this weekend.  YOU are my next big project.  YOU are going to cost me pennies to make.  YOU are going to be pretty much made from all recycled materials.  YOU will be awesome.   At least in my head, I picture you to be super fantastic and I don't even know exactly what you look like now.  All I am going on is the description I received of you from one of my brothers in law.  I have your dimensions and a general idea of what you look like.  When he offered you to me, (because like us, he hates waste, too) I didn't hesitate to say yes.  You are going to be great! 

Okay, little blog.  I will not turn you into a "Wait and See What I Do Next!" teaser blog.  Though I could post the wonderful Honey Caramelized Onion and Bacon Tart I made last night, I won't.  Food was my last topic.  Today we are going to take a look at a simple, inexpensive, and fun piece of wall art that you can make yourself. I saw this one online about a year ago and immediately set to work making one for our home.  Here's mine.

I saw the original project at My 3 Monsters Blog .  She has a wonderful tutorial on how to do it.  I followed her instructions and had this project completed in an afternoon.  It could have taken less time but there are so many letters you can choose from to use, that you kind of get lost in time looking through them all.  

I created mine in Microsoft Picture It.  Then I uploaded it to Walgreens and had a poster printed.  It was ready within an hour.  The frame I bought at Hobby Lobby.  This was a fun and inexpensive project to doWe love it.

My future daughter in law Heather made one for her parents this past Christmas for their gift.  They loved it, too.  Here's a picture of hers.  I had her text me a picture of it before she wrapped it, the picture is a little grainy
There you have it.  It's another "live frugal but make it look like you aren't" project.  Now go make yourself one.

Stay tuned for projects #1 - 6.  They'll be coming at you soon, but probably not in the order listed.     Pin It


  1. I see you have finished a few of these projects. It's always fun (or embarrasing) looking at to-do lists a year or so later.

    1. Nancy my dear! You are right! I did knock a couple of those off of my list! :-)


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